1) The Mind

2) The Body

1) Passion

2) Focus

1) Practice Observing How You Feel~~

2)Utilize Leadership Skills!!!!

1. What is Growth Mindset?

2. I Can’t Learn Now; It’s Too Late

1) Good Friends Accept You for Who You Are

2) A True Friend Encourages You

1) Make or Find!!!!

2) Keep A Schedule, Not A To-Do List……

1) Write 3 Things You’re Grateful For:

Gratitude promotes optimism and helps us to develop a more positive outlook. It lets us pause for a moment to reflect on something we have in our life right now instead of always striving for more … the next goal, the new dress, the new toy, the new car, or the house renovation …

2) Learn To Refuse…….


I love to interact with people, and knowing them. I am one of Curious person who wants to know everything.

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